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The mission of Shoshin Ryu Jujitsu is to teach Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, to assist those who teach Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, and to recognize those who have come before us.

Moral Focus

The true goal of learning a martial art is not to gain mastery over another; but, rather, to gain mastery over one’s self. To that end, Shoshin Ryu’s program is more than about self-defense. It is about discipline, restraint, self-denial, and self-esteem. It is about honor and dignity. It is about respect and duty.
Students will, of course, learn how to defend themselves. But they will also learn that to take offense at a slight provocation or petty offense is unworthy of a superior person. They will learn that knowing how to fight, they need not fight. They will learn gentleness.
They will also learn that “perfection of character” comes not from a proficiency in the performance of a martial arts technique. Rather, it arises from an appreciation for, and the application of, those moral principles which truly evidence one’s character: Charity, benevolence and generosity toward others; Courtesy, a respectful and well-mannered behavior toward others; Loyalty, a devotion and commitment to others; Rectitude and Courage, recognizing and doing what is right; and Humility, the ability to elevate and honor others by lowering one’s self.
They will learn leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, service, and patriotism. These, and many other such virtues, are both attitudes and actions. Each plays and integral part in the development of the individual. Some reveal themselves sooner than others, but all will be present at the end of the journey.

Esoteric Principles

The Esoteric Principles of Judo Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki.

Since the fundamental principle acquired through the practice of Jujitsu has been elevated to a finer moral concept called Judo, the Way of Gentleness, it may well be said that the primary objective of practicing Judo is perfection of character. And to perfect one’s character, one must be grateful for the abundant blessings of Heaven, Earth and Nature, as well as for the great love of parents: one must realize his enormous debt to teachers and be ever mindful of his obligations to the general public.
As a member of a family, one’s first duty is to be filial to parents, to be helpful and harmonious with one’s wife or husband, and to be affectionate to brothers and sisters, so that the family may be a sound, successful and harmonious unit of the community.
As a member of a nation, one must be grateful for the protection which one derives as a citizen; one must guard against self-interest and foster a spirit of social service. One must be discreet in action, yet hold courage in high regard, and strive to cultivate manliness. One must be gentle, modest, polite and resourceful; never eccentric, but striving always to practice moderation in all things. One must realize that these qualities constitute the secret of the practice of Judo.
Anyone who practices Judo should neither be afraid of the strong nor despise the weak: nor should he act contrary to the strength of his enemy because of the art he has acquired. For example, when a boat is set afloat on water, one man’s strength is sufficient to move the boat back and forth. This is only because the boat floats; for if, on the other hand, the boat is placed on dry land, the same man’s strength is scarcely sufficient to move it. It is necessary, therefore, that the weak should learn this fact with regard to the strong.
The forms and techniques should be remembered as the basic art of Judo. One should never use these arts without sufficient justification. Therefore, refrain from arrogance and do not despise a small enemy or a weak opponent.
Every student of Judo should realize that honesty is the foundation of all virtues. Kindness is the secret of business prosperity. Amiability is the essence of success. Working pleasantly is the mother of health. Strenuous effort and diligence conquer adverse circumstances. Simplicity, fortitude and manliness are the keys to joy and gladness; and service to humanity is the fountain of mutual existence and common prosperity.
As aptly expressed in the poem: The boughs that bear the most hang lowest. One should never forget the virtue of modesty as one attains proficiency in the art of Judo. Do not disdain or regard lightly either literary or military art; each is important and deserves equal cultivation and respect. Within constant motion and change there is tranquillity; and within tranquillity, there is motion and change.
Remember always parental love and one’s enormous indebtedness to teachers. Be grateful for the protection of Heaven and Earth. Be a good leader to younger men. To lead younger men well, will in the long run, mean to attain proficiency in the skill of Judo.
Like a drawing in India ink of the whispering of wind in the pines, the secrets of Judo can only be suggested. Only through personal experience can one comprehend the mystic ecstasy of such secrets. It is said of Jujitsu that it would require ten years of practice to win victory over one’s self and twenty years to win victory over others.
Whatever the trials or dangers, even “Hell under the upraised sword,” remain calm and remember the doctrine imparted to you by your teacher. A noted verse reads:
“For the lotus flower to fall is to rise to the surface.”
Only by cultivating a receptive state of mind, without preconceived ideas or thoughts, can one master the secret art of reacting spontaneously and naturally without hesitation and without purposeless resistance.
These are the secrets of Kodenkan into which I have had the honor to initiate you.

Code of Ethics

In order to establish uniformity of standards for student participation, insure consistency of instruction, promulgate sportsmanship, perfect strength of character, and foster an abiding respect for the esoteric principles, which are the foundations of the art of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, each dojo, each instructor, and each member shall be committed to the rules, regulations, and ethics of the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai.
Each member of Shoshin Ryu is expected to exemplify the highest ideals inherent in the art of Jujitsu. Love of parents, respect for teachers and learning, obedience to law, service to humanity, protection of the weak, discrete action, honesty and gentleness – these are the obligations we owe to the community. Modesty, politeness, humility, simplicity, fortitude, dedication, selflessness, moderation in all things – these are the values we owe to ourselves
When we fail to live up to these principles, we bring dishonor both to ourselves and to Shoshin Ryu. This perfection of character is a lifelong commitment. Accordingly, it shall be grounds for removal from the association of any member, student, instructor, or dojo violating any of the following

  1. Using or distributing illegal drugs.
  2. Teaching or training while under the influence of any alcohol or drug which, in the opinion of the senior instructor, may cause harm to any member or student.
  3. Advocating, exhibiting, or participating in any violent, unjustified, unwarranted, or unreasonable aggressive behavior towards any person, another’s property, or any living thing.
  4. Advocating or participating in any criminal offense.
  5. Consistent disrespect for parents, teachers, the dojo, its instructors, or one’s fellow students.
  6. Consistent use of offensive or vulgar language.
  7. Participating in gang activity or gang affiliation.
  8. Advocating or participating in conduct intended to embarrass Shoshin Ryu, any dojo, any instructor, or a fellow student.
  9. Participating in conduct detrimental to the continued welfare of the dojo and Shoshin Ryu.
  10. Unauthorized use of the name of Shoshin Ryu for profit.
  11. Failing to abide by the rules and regulations governing members of Shoshin Ryu

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